Friday, 10 June 2011

Value your creation and appreciate your existence

Early one morning, as I hurried to work, I realized I had forgotten to do a number of things which I ought to have done; I had probably overslept the previous night. As I got to the train station, I remembered I had to make a call before boarding the train, and as I took out my phone from my bag, I was utterly surprised that the battery had gone completely flat, leaving my heart to pound fiercely, invading every possible option for a resolve to my problem. While I thought of what to do, I saw the train approached my platform, I knew once I got on to it there was no more hope for me being an underground train, even if I got to borrow a phone from someone nice, which is less likely to happen. In a flash of seconds, the train pulled by and hesitantly I hopped on, otherwise I was going to be late for work.

Sitting opposite a gentle man and a lady both of whom I was sure were going to work as well, I tried to juggle, my chances of making my call once I got to work wishing that things will not get out of hands. As I thought harder, unconsciously, I looked at the man and woman sitting right opposite me, as a line of their discussion pinched me. They weren’t particularly talking in low tones so it was easy to hear every of their conversation. “…do you know that not being sent for that training and the events after it has taught me to appreciate everything about life” the man said. I definitely couldn’t ask why, but there was an indication of something extraordinary about what he had said. Luckily, he continued. “I was really furious when I learnt of the list and realized my name was not on it, but look at me today, I am well and alive. Not that I rejoice that some of my colleagues have plunged to death as a result of a plane crash on their way from Dubai, where they had the training course, I’m just grateful that I’m alive today. So, there is a reason to appreciate and gratify whatever comes your way.” He said.

Having heard that, I had an idea of what he was trying to say and it beckoned back to me how well you should appreciate every situation you find yourself, perhaps there is always something to learn and value with every passing moment. From that day, I began to think good of my situation even the one I was facing at that moment. I said to myself; it was probably for a good reason and of course, it started manifesting before I got off the train. When you appreciate your situation you will open doors to explore greater opportunities coming forth.

Appreciation starts from as little as valuing our bodies and every part of it. Firstly, take a few moments from now, sit and begin to appreciate your body. It has taken you on so many adventures and experiences. No matter what your current situation is, be thankful that you are alive, even if your health is far from being perfect, you should still appreciate your body because in its appreciation you will open doors to explore ways of getting better. Appreciation lightens the heart and helps you feel better rather than be gloomy. Everyone has the ability of self-healing when you feel positive about your state of health when you are not very well. The likelihood of getting well or not depends greatly on how you feel about yourself.

On a general note, taking time to appreciate your body from top to toes will make you realize what a fabulous creation you are.

Learn to appreciate the food you eat, bless it and cherish it. There are too many things that could be appreciated in one’s life that will lead to increase in the good things of life than we can count; Families, Friends, work, the opportunity of every second witnessed alive, nature and lots more. Some people go through some difficult times so that they may move further to higher levels of endowments. While some people take courage and weather it through, others stop mid- way and botch the opportunity. Appreciation and gratitude are virtues.

I’ve heard so many people say, what is there to appreciate when I don’t have a job, money I require to meet my needs, a home to cherish and so on- but you will be surprised that feeling positive about these moments and believing that there opportunities to explore at such times, bring about new things you could never have imagined. Appreciation breeds self-esteem.

For example, when someone becomes unemployed; why not see it as a means to get to a next level of achievement? Why not see it as an opportunity to explore other avenues? Why not see a positive side to it. Why not search within and develop something new? Everybody has their creative potentials. After all, great things start from small beginnings and often, it is by turning tough times to tantalizing moments that human beings really get great. However, that can only be done when you see such situations as one for you to appreciate your other skills and maximise your potentials with the time you’ve got, and so does it apply to many other disappointing aspects and moments in life. There is always a blessing in every disappointment but you need to look really deeply to identify and appreciate it. Appreciation and gratification come with so many advantages.

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