Monday, 1 August 2011

Making the most of your precious time, is not just time management

Time is going, yet moves not

I race against time, still cannot catch.

Motionless as may be, its speed I dare not match

Time is going, yet moves not.

What is it about time that we often find ourselves struggling with it?  After all time is our opportunity. It is the privilege of the period we have to exist and do what we want to do. We are supposed to be in control of our time, though not in a way to be accurate about every detail of our everyday events, but definitely in some other ways. The fact that we can’t hold down time and make use of it as frivolously as we wished is absolutely what gave time the edge over us. No wonder there is so much about the ‘big thing’ TIME. Time is precious and time is the absolute factor we run our lives on. It is almost everything. A time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to be serious and a time to play, there is about time for everything. How conscious are you about the opportunity of the time you have?

Time management in the professional sense of it, is just but the process of exercising conscious control over your allocated work time in regards to specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity. In situations like this, you talk about planning, allocating, setting goals, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing, all these are office jargon.

How do you utilize your everyday time? Is it possible to turn your time into such that will be remembered by you and others as beyond fulfilling?

How well do you seek to spend your time? Do you always look for time to chat away and get drenched in unending wrangling? Or is it work without limits?  There is no doubt times are stiff nowadays, but remember time will always throw back what you throw at it. If you believe in managing your time properly to accommodate responsible working, quality time with friends and family as well as other squares you have to attend then you can achieve it. Good management of time and resources help create a balance in an individual’s work, social and spiritual life, and striking this balance, is what tells how dignifying an individual is.  It is good to take advantage of the time we have to do what ought to be done. By this I mean don’t leave what you have to do today till tomorrow, because tomorrow may be too late. “Make hay while the sun shines”. Don’t postpone the start date of a project you were supposed to start today till tomorrow, because the opportunities present today, may not be available tomorrow. If you are planning to make some amends with an old friend, family members or other loved ones, do it now, the opportunity you have now may cease to be there later. Tell someone you love them, show appreciation to those who deserve it and begin to make your mark where you deem necessary, for times waits not, even though we are the ones running.

Make your time alive precious, beaming endlessly as a time to always celebrate.

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