Monday, 8 August 2011

Ways to use music for effective self empowerment and actualisation

What is music to you? How does music affect you?
Generally, we may say music is an artful blend of sounds. It should also be harmonious, rhythmic and melodious.

However, to different people, music connotes different meanings and as such, it is responded to differently. Individual perception and responses to music greatly depends on taste, though, generally, music is perceived to be an exciting intake for human senses and well being, provided it is good music. What then constitutes good music?

You may like to consider what music has the ability to make you feel happy, sad, anxious, energetic, optimistic or depressed, so as to know how well to apply music to achieve positivity.  To add to the effect of music is the inserted lyric, which adds another dimension to it. If the words are uplifting you are more likely to feel encouraged about everything than listening to words that helps you go down in dejection.

Songs of hope, appreciation, songs strengthening your purpose in life and inspiring you  that you can make good of your life if you work hard and try;  and not sad songs that help you wallow more in  self-pity and  make you believe what’s lost is gone and there is no more hope for you, should you get attuned to .
Songs that will depress you further and render your energy and strength useless should generally be avoided for the sake of positive self-development. Only songs that will keep you going and help you look for ways to make the best out of life should be reckoned with. However, mindful and positive use of music can best be result oriented, because just like other intoxicants, so also can music intoxicate? Music should be listened to, proportionately, not allowing an overdose of it, and good music that will help you focus on positive trends are the best. Accurate appreciation and perception of music is a valuable skill you should aim to acquire.

Research has also shown music to play a significant part in the development of the synaptic connections in cell networks. This, in turn, has positive effects on children’s and adults’ learning abilities. A number of studies have shown the power of music as a plus to cognitive abilities like reasoning and motor skills. The ‘Mozart effect’ is just one example of the effect of music on intelligence.
Music is not just very powerful at affecting your mood state instantly; it overwhelms your entire make-up.
Once you are aware of how music affects you, this is your personal power, which you must use in choosing your kind of music, to attain what emotions you want to build up, e.g.  If you are feeling desperately tired, do certain tunes give you energy? What helps if you’re thinking gloomy?

For your own self-empowerment, music that inspires you to achieve positivity is just all you need.

Here are some of the other benefits of Music:

Music  enhances listening skills
It is a great tool for relaxation and helps reduce stress levels
Music prevents you from focusing on problems
It transforms negativity into positivity
It helps in developing one’s intelligence
It helps improve concentration and sometime allows for clearer thoughts

Consider how best music works for you and increase the benefits therein. It is one of the tools for greater self-actualisation which helps you take control of your life and working towards your goals and dreams. As you work more on your Self Development, adding music to your other tools,   will help you achieve more success.

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