Friday, 3 June 2011

Set your Goals above your fear

“Fear is the secret robber that steals away your joy.”

You would have subjected yourself to the dictates of fear at some point in life no doubt and this is nothing but forming a fringe between you and your success. Fear though, is a natural feeling that no individual can be blamed for accepting, your ability to face your fear and overcome it, is an action statement that makes or mars your success. I do not believe that there are certain fears in life that are beyond being overcome, not even the fear of death, for not until death strikes should any being stop striving.

Take for example; a situation where a person is diagnosed of a chronic or life-threatening ailment; often for the fear of dying or becoming seriously ill, a lot of people lose hope of recovery even before their symptoms become physically visible, thereby giving way for a complete breakdown of their entire system. I have seen people who on the other side, have come out triumphantly, living up to the challenges of such situations, with determination and more than not, succeeded with life. There is no doubt that a change of attitude towards those things we see as difficult or challenging is the key for bringing down our fears.

Reasons why people restrain fear:

Not to be rejected- For the fear of being rejected, ridiculed or your ideas being cast off, a lot of people have failed to take steps that will lead to empowering them and taking control of their lives. When you fear that you will be rejected and thereby decide not to explore your potentials, you are in essence rejecting yourself.

To avoid temporary discomfort-When you retreat from the challenges you fear, you will never achieve those goals and aspirations you aim for due to your inability to fully develop your skills and talent and this would only give you the relief from the discomforts you will initially go through, having stepped forward for the big challenge. Essentially, tackling fear is about taking bold steps and believing you are stronger than your fears to the point of overcoming whatever the fear is. However, it is good to note that it is not an easy task. It is one that has to do with you stepping out of your comfort zone and be slightly discomforted. For example, having to learn new skills, change career, meet new prospects or taking up any new challenges, could stretch you out of your usual bounds, but not willing to take action is allowing fear to rob you of your creativity, power and ability.

Not to be labelled a failure- It is natural that the initial stage of any procedure gets unsteady, and we all know that it takes time to develop one’s skill or talent at doing anything. The most important thing is the willingness to it squarely. Sometimes, when you want to impress the world around you, you will end up losing focus because your aims will be submerged. You should follow your dreams push through fear and build your confidence. Fortunately too, when you develop yourself in a particular area, you will be marvelled at how you will discover more of your potentials in other areas.

When you do not confront the fears that stand in opposition to your goals, you will only Sabotage your success, destroy your confidence, diminish your self esteem and sink yourself in the strength of your inadequacies. For queries and comments on the articles on this page, please email

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