Thursday, 18 January 2018

Can Leaders Truly Be Vulnerable?

Leadership vulnerability, has always been a topic with different dynamics and stemming lots of conversations, because many leaders still struggle with ‘letting it out’, with their team members. Recently, I was giving a presentation to about two hundred and fifty business leaders, in the health care industry, and over half of the participants agreed that they struggle with openly seeking for help from team members and worse still, are not comfortable talking to team members about organisational challenges, apart from discussing general and specific productivity and performance related issues with them.

Over 70% of the participants believed that when they sit around the table with team members and say things like, “We have a problem reaching our targets and all our strategies seem to have failed, who has any ideas to help us move forward?” They are seen to be pushing management responsibilities on the entire team or giving room for team members to take undue advantage in carrying out duties or abiding with policies and procedures, as a comeback for helping out during the crisis period.

No doubt, hierarchical structures in organisations have long, held leaders from fully being authentic, in showing up as real leaders, as this may be seen as less professional or breaking boundaries. In reality, the lack of genuine team building activities in organisations, has done more harm than good, as this reduces staff engagement levels to the core, which causes the stillness in motivation and inspiration.

Unfortunately, the lack of understanding of what constitutes staff engagement has made it impossible for leaders to be able to connect with their team members, and get the best from them. Instead, leaders build a wall of seclusion, which translates to the team members, as “they know it all, they have it all”, causing stronger disconnection and unrealistic and grandiose expectations by employees and when these are not met, the cycle of low morale and low performance continues to be deeply entrenched within the organisation.

Where does vulnerability lie, here? Vulnerability lies in the fact that leaders are unable to maintain genuine connections with team members, and genuine connections are things that engage and make team members feel part of the organisation they work for. It is absolutely correct that, engagement can have a significant impact on the performance of the organisation, driving bottom‐line profit and enabling organisational agility, as well as improved efficiency in driving change initiatives.

To be able to lead effectively, leaders must be able to demonstrate empathy, which helps you understand others’ situations, thereby making it easy for you as the leader to tailor team members’ strengths and weaknesses via the best channels for maximum productivity and performance. In doing this, you must be willing to trust team members enough, to assign tasks that will challenge and bring the best out of them, yet empowering them in dignifying ways. To achieve these with little or no stress, you must be willing, as a leader, to give a piece of your self by being vulnerable. BrenĂ© Brown, an expert on social connection, conducted thousands of interviews to discover what lies at the root of social connection. The research revealed that vulnerability, was a key factor in building great connections, both in the professional and personal world. Vulnerability here does not mean being weak or submissive. To the contrary, it implies the courage to be yourself. It means understanding the truths in our world. Which is, ability to come to terms with uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure, and when a leader is open to this, impacting others and making change, becomes seamlessly within grip.

Here are few tips to cultivate vulnerability as your strength:

Admit that you do not know everything and don’t have the solution to every problem - Being able to admit and share times of weakness, as a leader, will earn you trust and present you as being authentic. Creating a stance of ‘ know it all’, only shows that you’re claiming to be perfect, which in the real sense, is just an illusion. Showing weakness and not hiding from imperfection lets others know that you are simply human.

Accept responsibility when mistakes occur – You will protect your credibility as a leader, when you are able to accept responsibility, when you make errors, instead of finding someone else to blame it on. Leaders who play the blame game, only have very little time, before they lose credibility and loyalty. Further, taking responsibility, gives you a sense of leadership that allows you to take time to analyse and consult on how to make progress towards accomplishing the goals set.

Practice empathy - People who are skilled at understanding others’ feelings and situations are more likely to be viewed as effective leaders. A study by MRG found that empathy was the single strongest predictor of ethical leadership, which is why leaders who are empathetic, are able to motivate teams to do their best work, because they create an atmosphere that is non judgemental, but empowering.

Don’t wait for the company to crash before you seek help, suggestions or tell your team members the truth about the situation- Teams are the greatest assets any organisation have and to add value to these assets, leaders must build teams that are formidable, effective and trustworthy. This can only be achieved if team members are treated with trust, a sense of value and are well supported to deliver their tasks to the best of their abilities. Leaders who build their teams on very strong precepts, will have no fear or guilt, telling them the truth about an organisation’s standing when crisis arise, because they would all have been working under shared terms.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Five Ways You Can Propel Your Self -Worth For Success

Do you know that constantly worrying about what others think about you or the way you live your life, is self-debilitating, particularly when you know that you’re doing no harm to anyone? So, why seek approval and recognition? You don’t need it!

Stop getting overwhelmed by the expectations of others, instead, live your life purposefully, believing in your everyday actions. What’s the point of you looking everywhere for approval, when the best insights and approval for what’s great and not lies, right in your heart. Too many times, you disapprove of yourself or even criticise your efforts just because you set your standards and validate your actions by what you see and hear from other people.

So, what happens when you do that? You run your emotions high, causing inner conflicts that do nothing but increase distraction and distort your ability of intense focus on what’s important and what matters most, which is why your desires don’t match your results and realities. By setting parameters that don’t align with your truth, you jeopardise your efforts, bring upon yourself, a great deal of self doubt, low self - confidence, low self-esteem and self-sabotage, because you unconsciously disempower your thoughts to think the magnitude of your strength.

To amp up your confidence and propel your self worth, take a five day challenge, that will help you achieve your goals and ensure your success.

Here are five other things you need to do.

Love yourself endlessly: You should understand that no matter how hard you try, no one can love you more than they love themselves, which is why you should love yourself unconditionally, to save yourself. When you are able to love yourself without limits, you will be empowered with so much abundance that giving back will become effortless. On the other hand, not loving yourself will continue to spill out the lack in you, and no matter how hard you try to hide, it rears its ugly head in different areas of your life and the worst bit is that, you will not serve your interest and will not be of great service to others, even those you care about.

Challenge your inner critic - There’s always a voice inside us telling us we can’t do it right, or that we’re not fit for the challenge. Yes! We all have that voice creeping in every now and then, but the truth is, the voice continues to rant and gain power, when we allow it. This voice means good, though, trying to protect you from what does not seem familiar and comfortable. It tries to keep you safe by putting you in a ‘no contest mode’, so that  you don’t fret and get blown away by the size of the greatness that lies ahead of you. However, Staying in this ‘no contest zone’, only separates you and your possibilities, and if you must achieve your goals and live far beyond the limits your inner critic wants to cap on you, then you must challenge it, each time it tries to keep you bound to letting go of your dreams.

Set yourself up for success -   What’s your biggest win so far? How many times do you motivate yourself with your previous wins, as an incentive to believe in your abilities and strive forward. Most times, when we feel less confident, it is based on reflections about the times we failed or when our performance did not measure up. So, next time when you’re feeling less confident, anchor your courage to push harder with a sweet memory of when you were successful, no matter how long or how insignificant the achievement may seem to you.

Never stop learning: You may wonder how learning connects with boosting self worth and confidence, but it sure does. Knowledge is the one thing you possess and no one can snatch away from you. You express yourself with what you know, both internally and externally and can also use your knowledge as a tool of empowerment and also to help others. All of these are things that will in turn increase your self-worth and confidence.

Believe in yourself: Get tips here on how to believe more in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, of course no one else will and this starts from your willingness to give yourself the opportunity to try new things without judgement and also to know that you are not infallible. The amount of times you’re willing to give yourself another chance, regardless, will invariably show how willing you are to strengthen your strengths and eventually begin to show up and achieve whatever goals or dream you want to achieve in the end.

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Readings from the Anthology

Here are some snippets from the collection of poems I published in my anthology.

"Time has failed,yet it moves

Life is here,still we expect

Years have rolled,the waters of sobs

Won't stop the gush

Life is unkind"

"If wishes were more

Oh!Dear,wished your pains snore

Cease forever its very sore

The agony of old age

Lies on your fraily image

I see you once like me

Forceful and brave

You once had courage your slave

How fair life can be"

These are just few lines from the collection,which could be read at anytime and anywhere. The handy book is available for purchase at You can also obtain the e-book version on .Reviews and comments are still welcome on the publication;this will help improve my future publications.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Seven ways to turn your secret idea into a reality

Do you have a secret desire you want to achieve, that makes you fret when you have to tell people about it? Or are you so scared that you find it hard to talk about it to others, so that they don’t say you are weird or put you down for it? The truth is, we all have some secret desires that we want to accomplish at some point in our lives, but due to fear of failure or rejection, we allow our dreams go under. Making a choice between doing what it takes and going head on to achieve our goals and allowing fear and judgements from other people hold us back, is such a great choice, which is why many people choose to stay with the crowd, because that is an easier but more costly choice.

When you allow external influences overshadow your intuitive instincts, you will be forced to buy into their lifestyle, problems and patterns, killing your alternative thinking ability, hence making you develop a thinking error, known as mere-exposure effect. This refers to the brain’s tendency to believe something is true and good just because we are familiar with it, regardless of whether the situation is actually true and good.

Sometimes, it’s the negative thoughts of how less capable you are, or how inexperienced and other related lines of thoughts that hold you down and even makes you quit. Thinking negative thoughts is no doubt a killer and allowing to germinate in your mind is like building a house in a swamp, sooner or later, it will sink in and get lost, underneath. To avoid that, make a habit of consciously stopping negative thoughts from your mind, when they creep in.  

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Monday, 10 July 2017

5 Sure Fire Ways to promote Your Website For free

Getting found on the internet is the hallmark of any online business, as this is how millions of audience can get to know and do business with your company.  Take online visibility as the navigation to locate you on the map. Imagine you were going somewhere you’d never been before  and necessarily don’t have specifics about it, so you just typed in a general location or place in your navigator, definitely, it’s going to give you a list of related locations,  and then you will choose exactly where you are going or the closest result.

In the same way, people looking for businesses like yours would type in a general term relating to your business and will have to choose from the results they get-  so, your duty is to ensure that you find a place in these results, otherwise no one will be able to find your business.

In essence, the more visible your company is, online, the more likely people within your industry will look to you for necessary products or services.

Many small business owners struggle with this aspect of online marketing and think it’s confusing and that’s because there is too much information on the internet without clear explanation.

In this article, I will share five simple ways you can increase your company’s online visibility for free, yet with great results.

1.      Utilize SEO tools: SEO- stands for Search Engine Optimization, and since we are talking about searching and finding your website online, I guess you know that SEO is indeed very important and the way you do this is by injecting content and key words that points back to your website on the internet. You can use different free online tools to check how well your website comes on in search results and when you know this, you constantly improve your visibility using these other methods. There are hundreds of free SEO tools online, including the Google webmaster and analytics and Bing web master tools, to monitor analytics and performance of your website. Check out other ways to improve your online visibility here.

2.    Publish fresh, relevant content regularly: Ensure that you publish fresh content on your website regularly and also update your content from time to time. Google crawls all websites on the internet for fresh and new content, which is what will help your website to rank higher on Google search algorithm. Except people specifically know your website, they would only type in general terms, phrases or words in Google search engine and this will only populate the most relevant ones. So, to regularly appear in searches relating to what you do, updating your website with relevant content is crucial.

3.     Publish digital content on external sites: Publish value added materials such as videos, images, slides, PDFs and audios on external websites such as Youtube, Google images, slideshare, and the likes. Your content gets to much more audience, promoting your website and also giving you backlinks in search engines sometimes.

4.    Do social – Social media is a must if you must continue to attract fans and online subscribers to your brand. While your online fans may not necessarily become customers, it’s a good place to demonstrate your expertise and authority in your industry.

5.     Use outbound and inbound links so Google can index cached pages: This is a great way to appear well in Google’s search. Outbound link is when you add external link to content on your site, pointing to other domains and websites. When you link out to related domains, it not only helps the search engine to understand your niche, but also helps to increase the trust and quality of your site which plays a vital role in your website’s SEO. Inbound links on the other hand is when you have links from other sites linking back to your website and this can be obtained free in a number of ways. You can do this by writing guest posts on other websites or by placing details about your website on other website, thereby, giving you backlinks. These links also raise your website’s visibility when done well.

For more ways to increase your company’s online visibility, check out these resources. Know that this takes time and it requires consistent action, if you want your company to continuously be visible online. 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Osprey Ariel Hiking Backpack Alternatives

If you have been considering hiking for a while and not sure whether to walk into it or not, here are some reasons you may consider, to help you decide.

 Hiking outdoors has plenty of perks: nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature. Aside all these, do you know that hiking is good for you, because it is a powerful cardio workout, and has the ability to do these to you:

Lower your risk of heart disease

Improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Boost bone density, since walking is a weight-bearing exercise

Build strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and the muscles in your hips and lower legs

Strengthen your core

Improve balance

Help control your weight


So, do you see why hiking is important, particularly if you want to get fit, doing something fun?

Whether you’re going away for a month, a full year, or even longer, the most important piece of equipment you’ll need for your travel is a reliable bag to see you through your journey. Hiking travelling rucksacks are an investment and there’s a huge choice out there, so you have got to be sure to use one that is tested.

Here are my recommendations:

Hiking Backpack

Hiking Backpack

Lightweight Hiking BACKPACK


Hiking Backpack- Great for women



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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

7 ways to manage change

Little tests of life shows how prepared you are for a change or turn of events in your life. People crave positive changes but are not willing to put in the required action to bring the change to fruition. I strongly believe in the motto, “no pain no gain” – now, depending on what pain means to you. It ranges from working a bit of extra hours to getting on the computers when you should be relaxing or sleeping to having to sacrifice your time, money and passion to achieve a set goal. Whatever that translates to within your schedule, it boils down to you having to get out of your comfort zone and doing otherwise, those things you will ordinarily not do on ‘a good day’.

From south to north, east to west, people of success that I have come to know are people who worked really hard to achieve their goals and remained consistence with those values such as dedication, determination, persistence, endurance, enthusiasm, optimism and hard work that ensured continued victory in the land of success.

Most times, changes are strategically planned and walked into with calculated steps, although procedures may differ from person to person, in terms of how much work was put into the planning and how great the strides were, which sometimes, make it look like the change came by sheer stroke of luck for other people.

I know there are a lot of people looking out to having great positive changes to happen in their lives but are either not sure what steps to take or afraid of taking these steps. Wherever you are; these are a few tips on how to make change happen and mange it, and don't forget that what you think is what you feel and what you feel is what you attract. This means that your thoughts greatly contributes to what becomes your reality. To attract goodness, happiness and well-being, why not try out these uncommon law of attraction methods from any of the books recommended here.

However, there are still great ways you can effectively achieve positive change in your life and business if you follow these tips.  

 Visualize the change:

Imagine what change you want, when and how you want it and keep a bird’s-eye-view of the landscape. This will help you attune your actions towards your goal and keep you focused on what you want to achieve.

Reflect on your own values, strength and weaknesses:

Spend time reflecting on your values. Weight those attributes you cherish about yourself and look inwards, as to how best you can use these values and possibly your strengths to achieve your goals. Also, think about your weaknesses and imagine how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths at this time to achieve your goals. Better still, you could find ways of seeking help to deal with these weaknesses if it’s in your way against achieving your goals.

Have a clear vision:

It is important to know what and why you want change. A sense of purpose is essential to success and effectiveness, and if you do not have a clear idea of what you want or you want it, you may not achieve any long standing change. Successful change comes when you can clarify your goals and build on the bedrock of purpose.

Be persistent:

You do not have to be a genius to achieve positive change in your life. All you need is a good sense of commitment and focus that keeps you going. Once you know what you want, find ways of getting it; keep trying. Recording progress and being grateful of the progress, no matter how little grows your strength for persistence. Never quit and remain determined with a bit of hard work. 

 Be flexible and creative:

Think outside the box, if it’s not happening one way try another direction. Do not stick solely to your ideas and knowledge, learn from other people, seek meaningful advice and be ready to change some of your ways of doing things.

Accept change and know your limits:

Life is a pool of change, so keep in mind the uncertainties that may occur. Take cognizance of those things you may not be able to change by keeping high, your abilities to adapt your situations and circumstances. Bear in mind that there is no such situation as ‘unbearable’, but rather your responses and attitudes toward these situations will affect the outcome of things.

Be optimistic:

Focus your time and energy on being positive and optimistic. Optimism gives you the power to stay on course and ability to keep striving on, well.