Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Perspective makes the change

Thanks to the words of the Universe that fills my presence like a bloom verse. Oh! How stunning our perception of issues, situations  and events can change things for better or for worse.  The way you view a circumstance or a situation, determines the success you can achieve in managing the situation. Your view point on any issue or circumstance, greatly affects your mindset, thoughts and actions to follow, and that is why a positive mindset towards situations all good or bad; is most beneficial.  It is always best to  make an effort to examine the positive aspects of an event or a situation, even though, may seem unclear.

Your perspective or point of view, can subjectively colour your interpretation of events and circumstances, particularly when you focus primarily on how it affects you in the short term. Our perception affects almost every aspect of our lives, from simple conversations  to individual belief systems. Perception affects  your attitudes and overall disposition towards everything. Hence,  allowing a positive outlook will help you work towards turning things round and making the best of every situation you find yourself.  If you  perceive life negatively, your sub conscious mind tends to know and think only of the sorrows, darkness, failures and trials therein, that when happiness comes, your perception will not allow your consciousness apprehend and recognise it.  There is no doubt however, that the true state of your personal affairs may be worrisome, but perceiving it as "insurmountable",  is  greater harm, than looking differently, perhaps more positively, as to how to deal with the difficult situation.

Most times, positive outlook promotes positive attitudes towards situations, events and circumstances, which will help you face life challenges with courage and optimism.  When you travel new paths and embark on new journeys with courage, faith and vigour, your abilities will soar, and triumphant you will become. There is so much guidance around you when you look through problems and difficulties with faith and optimism, as it helps rebuild your trust in getting back to shape. Your thoughts will begin to mould towards the direction you have set your energies, and your actions will be dictated by your positively self-carved motivations.  

Sometimes, all it requires to see your life glow, may just be a change in your thoughts and old ways of doing things. Perhaps this will open doors to see an all new you, previously dusted  with false beliefs, making you think you were not capable of newer, greater achievements.

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