Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I know that a lot of writers do go about looking for avenues and opportunities to get their works appreciated by having them bought, published or generally become gainfully paid for.This is of course the sole motivator that keeps most people going and indeed has become basically a single subject that perhaps will never fade off the face of the Internet.

However, there needs a level of caution to be applied when browsing the Internet in search of websites that offer to publish your wrings without adequate explanation.

Research shows that many of the sites that promises to help you get started based on you having to pay some money or leave your account details without knowing exactly what deals they have got for you are actually fraudulent.

You need to really enquire about the services they are going to deliver and ask for the modes of operation before you pay a dime.

Also, ensure to browse for complaints about any website you wish to transact such businesses with before you actually go ahead with the payment.Do emails to ask questions and state your queries correctly for the best response.

Do seek to speak to representatives of such website on the phone if there are available phone numbers but most importantly make sure you understand what you will be paying for and that it suits your requests and demands before making any payments.

Beware because there are too many SCAMS!

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