Monday, 26 October 2009

What would you like to be remembered for?

What would you like to be remembered for?It was the news of the demise of one of my superiors at the very first place I worked as a very young lass that I received with utter disbelief and shock. This was because this boss of mine was neither very old nor frail before death. However, as I thought of the death of this man, I remembered another boss that I knew in the same Organisation who had just died months before.
Then something struck, the thoughts of other people’s death took me miles to think of my self dead some day and just as I reflected on the memories these two people had left, so will someone linger on memories I would leave whenever I die.
Immediately, I felt that it really matters what others think of you, especially when you die. The first thing that comes to mind is whatever people can remember of the dead person, and then reflect on it.
As I reflected on the death of my two bosses, and how both had affected me, I realised that one of them had left a space that hardly could be filled. This is for no other reason than the fact that, I found support, and mentorship from him and helped other people for their job needs through his assistance and genuineness all through my time working with this boss of mine.
My other boss on the other hand, could only be remembered for his harsh words, victimisation and intimidation while I worked under him even as I remained as diligent as possible, while I carried out my duties.
Whether we like it or not, the fact that death lurks around everyone of us is not questionable the memories and reflections we leave hanging on is what we might have to rethink.
As much as there are diverse opinions about death and the hereafter, it is for sure that whatever our deeds and actions were before death, they leave memories that live much longer than we existed and create a world for us in death.
A lot of people may say they do not bother what people say about them when they die but for responsibility and integrity, I would like to hold my honour even in death, and that is to say the least. How about thinking of how our deeds will affect our children and a whole lot of generations after our death? We should know that for every action we take, there is a causal impact that usually lasts longer than imagined.
Generally, we need to be aware of all that we do at all places and all times including our very homes and as the saying goes, "charity begins at home". We need to bring ourselves down to be good exemplary mums, dads, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends and all other capacity we may find ourselves.
Being able to manage relations within our homes, goes a long way in determining how well we will be able to manage relationships outside our homes. Our ability to manage relationships is largely appreciated when we see our selves as never perfect, thus seeking guidance with humility as we deal with each other day after day. This will be a crucial step towards cleansing our conscience in a bid to building an earthly profile that will stand the test of time.
There is no doubt that we cannot please everyone all the time, but the efforts and considerations we make each time to be just and fair in our everyday dealings, within the limits of our situations really goes a long way.
The general notion of good and bad within the confines of naturalistic rules is one we can seek to imbibe if we want to be on the right path and always aim to spread goodness through our words and deeds.
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