Friday, 18 September 2009

Making the best of our talents

One thing I have learnt as a growing little girl, was that the more you practice something,be
it good or bad,the better you become in the act.I know this is a fact for everyone as well,but with my experience in dealing with people on various levels and on various issues, I realised that most people find it hard practising good things as to practising bad habits or manners.

Some of the reasons I have come to terms with, making it easier to practice habits that are less beneficial to our health, finances,social well being or even spiritual upliftment in some cases are simply because we deem these acts less streneous or more socially interesting.

For example,I will find it less boring and perhaps more invigorating to see what chances gambling and betting every week than put pen to paper and do some online writing submissions. One of them is definetely with less strain,having both as avenues for making extra money.

In the light of this,considering both acts as hobbies, there is no doubt that one is better and the other not as good and of course gambling coming with some obvious imperfections,which doing things like writing,painting or keeping fit(going to the gym or doing exercises ) whether for fun or finance do not grapple with.

Making the best of our talents, knowlegde or skills, and ot totallyneglecting such, can only give more value to us as individuals and sustain a formidable future for the world because each individual as special gifts in them that tends towards positive improvements.

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